Last week, I was surprised after arriving home to a house smelling terribly of polyurethane. Without notice our upper level was sanded and sealed forcing me to the city. This temporary exile gave me a great excuse to head to Green City Market for the first time in a long time and on the visit, I found some great corn related items. First, a tub of huitlacoche and then these. This is what baby corn looks like in the husk. They are not what I had imagined. Long as regular corn, the husk was full of silk with only a small, cob of corn.


Lately for me, miso has been everywhere and, in corn season, there are few dishes that go better with miso than corn. It may not started with him, but it was popularized by David Chang. In an odd amalgam of Tom Hanks as Josh Baskin and David Chang as David Chang, I immediately though of miso pickled baby corn.

In my third crack at misozuke, or miso pickling, I felt confident enough to start adding little changes and with a head of black garlic, I thought it would be an interesting addition. I started with mirin and sake and added a clove of black garlic. Then the miso.


Then the husked baby corn cobs were submerged in the miso pickling medium overnight.


The next day, I pulled the baby cobs from the miso mixture and cleaned them off as best I could. While delicious, complex and sweet straight from the pot, I thought they would be better with one final step. I had the grill really hot and threw the pickled baby corn on the grill.


As I mentioned above, the raw pickles were complex, but the charred pickles were even better. The miso flavors made their way past the kernels and into the cob. When the grill heat hit the center, the sugar in the kernels caramelized and the miso-saturated center became almost molten. Some crunchy bits, some soft and molten. There was sweet, salty and funky. Grill your pickles. Grill them.

Miso Pickling Medium

  • 3/4 cup shiro miso
  • 2 tablespoons mirin
  • 2 tablespoons sake
  • 1 clove black garlic

Step one: Chop garlic

Step two: Combine remaining ingredients.

Step three: Submerge veg in pickling medium for 24 hours.

Step four: Clean miso mixture from veg. You can reuse the miso mixture.