Browsing food blogs lately, I have come across cured egg yolks more than a few times. Being an egg lover, I was curious, but how could you improve on a runny yolk? I told myself that that should not be the question. A runny yolk, to me, is about the perfect as it gets, but using an egg yolk for something other than a sauce for the whites is not a sin.

This use is something altogether different, but still bringing out the best and brightest of the yolk. Despite spending days in salt, a week drying is what could be best described as a cheese cloth scrotal apparatus, and being grated over greens and bacon, the egg still brought richness and and melted into a great smooth texture. The taste is altogether different. Think of it as a giant bit of bottarga. There is not the typical briny flavor from the sea, but there is still a great salty aspect. Paired with the bacon, you get two different types of saltiness.

The process is pretty simple. Layer a dish with kosher salt (and any other cure flavorings that your heart desires), then carefully place your egg yolks, making sure that they aren’t touching. Next, top the yolks, again be gentle, with more cure and let the yolks sit in the fridge for 48 hours. Touch them after that time, if they are still a little squishy, let them sit longer.

If they are firm, pull them from the salt, brush off as much salt as possible and hang them to dry in cheesecloth for about a week. Think of the texture of parmesan cheese and that was my target. To use, I grated the yolk using a grated/zester.