Sometimes it hard to see progress of the world of slow food and small producers without looking closely. This past Saturday, my older daughter and I were enjoying our early Saturday morning ritual of Green City Market followed by grocery shopping. While letting her pick out her sliced turkey of choice, I spotted something new at the Kingsbury Whole Foods – a rack of Olli Salumeria salumi. Not just one variation either, as there were close to six different types.

Olli is a Virginia Salumeria where Oliviero Colmignoli, a 4th generation salumiere, cures Berkshires and Mangalistas using old family recipes. It has received favorable press and has apparently increased distribution recently.

With the variety of American salumi available commercially increasing – just a few years ago, I used to scoop up every La Quercia product that I could find – I am curious to see that quality and consistency. The calabrese from Olli was quite good. It could certainly use more heat, but the quality of pork and the subtlety in the use of salt was really impressive. Certainly, I am happy to take my time working through the other varieties in the coming months.