There are so many good things about having good, real butchers in town that it feels bad to complain about an aspect. The fact that my complaint is actually compliments soothes the pain, though. With a full understanding that there is only one belly on a pig, I wish that there was more of this bacon available.

After tasting B&L’s first day bacon, which was delicious even if you are salt sensitive, I was excited to see the next level. This version was made from Becker Lane belly, which I loved when making my whiskey barrel bacon, and was made country style, which generally indicates that it is a little saltier, smokier, and fattier – not to mention skin-on. It is finely distilled bacon.

With that, this isn’t a “plateful of bacon” bacon, this is like a glass of Pappy VanWinkle. One rasher will do you right and if you can afford more (health or money wise), then feel free. Even despite country bacon status, this bacon was less salty than the first that I had. To me, this is a unique product to Butcher and Larder and if you can get your hands on a few rashers and you are a bacon fan, you had better — you never know when you’ll see it next.