There is plenty of time wasted each day looking at Twitter or other social media sites, but sometimes there is a big payoff. This is one of those times. Ellen Malloy, butcheress, founder of Restaurant Intelligence Agency, and font of energy, had tweeted about one of her creations that she refers to as a Canadian tradition. Rye Whiskey infused with Maple Syrup.

Now, I love my whiskey, but bourbon is my choice; rye whiskey has been the drink of my grandmother and mother. I trust their tastes, and Ellen’s,  completely, so I did not feel the need to adapt the drink to bourbon. The process is dead simple. Procure rye whiskey, I used Rittenhouse, a rye used in a few of my favorite establishments. Next procure maple syrup; I used the remaining maple syrup from a friend with dad with a tree (or more). I love his maple syrup so much that I have no shame in keeping Snapple bottles full of it in the door of my fridge. In my opinion, I would not bother without reasonably good rye and good maple syrup. If you are dropping in maple flavored syrup, you are better off without trying this. Finally mix equal parts rye and maple syrup and tuck away in the fridge for a few weeks, shaking as you think of it.

Once infused, the drink pours a little thicker and a little darker than rye. The maple syrup takes some of the booziness from the liquor to the point where it would be wise to count your glasses. The maple and rye marry pretty darned well together. A delicious drink spent over a great book or, as Ellen advises, to pass a rainy spring day.