Homemade Cherry Bounce from 2007 Cherry Season

If you visit Door County, Wisconsin during the Thanksgiving time, one drink that you will likely find floating around in miscellaneous bottles is Cherry Bounce. Cherry Bounce is typically a homemade cordial. Depending on where you are from, the liquor could be brandy, cognac, bourbon, etc., but in Wisconsin, Brandy is king. Combine the liquor with the great cherries grown in Door County and a little time, you will be in business.

The drink, when aged, is really smooth and the tart cherry flavor really gets you without being a giant cherry bomb.  It was a really good pairing with goat cheese. I was surprised. It was terribly good with chocolate cake and separately with almond ice cream. I was not surprised.  My favorite version of this was one that instead of using only brandy, I combined brandy and bourbon in equal parts.

Tart Cherries and Sugar

Cherry Bounce

  • 1 qt. tart cherries
  • 2 c. sugar
  • 375 mL bourbon
  • 375 mL brandy

Step One: Combine all ingredients in a sterilized 2 quart jar and cover.

Step Two: Shake daily for a week.

Step Three: Put in dark cabinet in the kitchen and mark the date on the jar.

Step Four: Wait four months.

Step Five: Open, strain out solids and serve over ice.

Liquor, cherries, and sugar