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Stonecross Farms Bacon

Before taking a trip to the Bluegrass State, I had asked our friend there about some bacons mentioned in Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon. After she checked around, she found that none of them were available in or around Lexington. She, as I would do in a similar case, spoke with her trusted butcher to see what the best bacon available would be. He said Stonecross Farms.

This answer seemed to be a popular one as we saw Stonecross at the awesome Lexington Farmer’s Market and the line was nearly a dozen deep. Once we returned to Chicago, I opened the package and put some in the oven to cook. The smell and taste were mild, but very good. Not a ton of smoke or salt, but a really mellow combination of the two with a clean pork taste. This was truly a breakfast bacon; very solid, but not overwhelming in any aspect. The texture and thickness were very good as well.

Three rashers out of five.

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