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Niman Ranch Bacon

Working my way through the leftover bacon after the 4-way tasting, I grabbed the remainder of the Niman Ranch bacon and cooked it up. I am not terribly thrilled with the bacon generally, but in all honesty, it is a bacon that generally isn’t offensive and the texture is impossible to mess up.

I consider Niman Ranch to be a really good standby bacon. It is easy to find, so if you ever end up with Sunday breakfast guests and you have run out of Benton’s or Nueske’s, you can run out and grab some Niman Ranch and no one will complain. Not even a bacon lover. The bacon is unformly cut and relatively thick for a commercial bacon. The flavor is pretty well balanced, if a bit bland. The amount of fat laying below the baking rack on the cookie sheet is about 2 to 3 times that of Nueske’s.

I do like the food politics of Niman Ranch and appreciate their place in the realm of what they do. It should be noted that Niman Ranch raises their animal naturally and without use of hormones or antibiotics. However a little more oomph wouldn’t hurt and oomph is not made from antibiotics or hormones.

3 rashers out of five.

3 Rashers out of 5